"Rawai Villas was the first and last development we looked at. In between we saw every development on the island over three long weekends and at the end it was a very easy decision with no other development coming close to meeting our criteria nor providing the same level of value for money.

Since this was to be our home, not our holiday home, we paid great attention to size, design, living and storage space, how the living space worked, quality of finish, ability to accommodate our own requests for customisation; and the management team we would be working with. In addition other deciding factors related to the whole site in general, the proximity to each other of the villas and the location of the development in the Rawai area and the ability to walk to the local village and the beaches.

Having now lived in the house for 12 months I can say that we have been very satisfied in every way with our purchase, our home and our environment. The management have been fantastic with great responsiveness and attention to detail. Rawai Villas attracts longer term residents also so we have a great community here.

Many thanks Coral Tree"

John & Satomi

"At the outset I knew I was on to something special when I saw the choice of location. Rawai is still one of the best-kept secrets in Phuket. It may not be on one of the renowned destinations on the island, but it is certainly a top choice for anyone wanting to enjoy its serene beauty at a quiet and leisurely pace.

The gently sloping landscape of the site provides villa owners with outstanding views of the Andaman Sea from the upper levels, and the lush gardens and pond below.

I was sold instantly on the modern, minimalist villa design. The structures have a very solid feel to them, and the designers have carefully chosen the high quality materials to present a seamless, unified look.

What distinguishes this development from all others on the island is the superb finishing and the attention to detail in each of the villas. I got the sense very early in the process that the project team shares the same vision and the perfectionist tendencies of the Managing Director, Bob Windsor. It was clear that Mr. Windsor and his team would not cut corners and were committed to delivering a flawless finished product. This is not always the case for other villa developments on the island.

Buying a villa in Thailand can be challenging, as there are varying levels of build quality and delivery. I had confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the Rawai Villas team and my faith in this project has been richly rewarded. My villa has exceeded expectations and I look forward to years of enjoyment."


We are very happy with our new family home in Phuket. Our villa was completed on time and at a quality level rarely seen in Thailand.


"We chose to buy at Rawai Villas because, in our opinion, it was the only development which we found that offered that elusive balance between design, quality and cost without comprising plot ratios, density and landscaping.

The lifestyle and ambiance of the development is what we would describe as ‘Contemporary Thai’; modern designs which optimise the best use of space and natural light while maintaining privacy, practicality and efficiency.

Without restricting choice or the flexibility of the layouts, the quality of the materials and workmanship more than matches the highest of international standards. And, of most importance, all this has been achieved at a cost far less than the comparable developments we visited prior to making our decision to buy Rawai Villas: an achievement which we believe could never have been realised without a dedicated management team with the depth of knowledge and experience to understand exactly what the client requires and what is needed to achieve those requirements."

Phil & Vanessa

"When we first started looking for a villa in Phuket, Rawai Villas was the first property we looked at and at that stage was still a piece of swampy land with a concept. Not convinced this would be the perfect place for us we kept searching for the ‘perfect villa’ that matched our requirements not only in style, location and size but obviously also in price. Six months later after looking at every piece of property available we returned to Rawai Villas and after a solid look at the show home we were definitely sold on the quality and concept.

The first step of course is getting the legal matters sorted, often a controversial discussion in Thailand. Our first pleasant experience with our complex and management was the open and professional manner we were engaged and we believe we probably have the most solid arrangement possible for foreign investors.

For the next 12 months we watched our villa being built and there was nothing but exceptional high standards and of course the end result is a quality product. So much so that we decided this was not just an investment or holiday home, but we were going to move here permanently.

Since then, every time we visit friends or other residences on the island we test our decision and not once have we found anything of higher standard. Finishes and fittings are exceptional and of course as a resident with children a garden are important. Not many residences are lucky enough to have such beautifully landscaped private and common area gardens that are wonderful to look at and walk through as well as provide amazing amounts of privacy between villas.

The final part to this of course is our experience of living here. Once again the developers and management have been nothing short of exceptional helping us out in every respect. From basic repairs, access services, general maintenance, taxis, no request is too large or too small. We continue to refine our property and we always seek advice from what have become our friends at Rawai Villas.

The complete experience has been exceptional, the property and surrounds are exceptional, and how can this not be one of the best properties and developers around!"

Paul, Danni & India

"I had been looking for a high quality development in Phuket for some time without success. A friend, who also bought, recommended I looked at the Rawai Villa development. It took 10 minutes to make up my mind. The concept of the estate, the way that nature was an integral part of the development, the design and scale of the properties and the privacy that the estate layout provided was bang on the money! Mine was the first house that was in build so lots of the finished estate had to be visualized. I have not been disappointed; in fact it has exceeded my expectations.

Having now “moved in” for some time I remain impressed with the quality of the buildings and the speed at which minor issues have been resolved by the developers. The management team has now become friends and my only regret is that I cannot spend more time there!"


"As an owner, I should perhaps say, the first owner of a property on the Rawai Villas Development, I have seen the project grow from a green field site to a burgeoning, if small, community. My wife and I had studied the property scene in Phuket for several years, before finally purchasing in 2003. We fell in love with the concept and the design of the Rawai Villas as well as its location in the small but well serviced area of Rawai in the south of Phuket. Our personal requirements were straightforward but not easy to achieve – I wanted a view of the bay and a reasonable amount of outside space and privacy for the dogs; my wife wanted a modern but welcoming design, with flexibility of space for her home. The emphasis on light and natural materials and the ease of transition between indoor and outdoor living due to the predominance of glass in the main living areas, were key selling points for us with Rawai Villas; coupled with the flexibility for us to put our own individual mark layered on the standard design and the fine attention to detail in the construction. Now that the house has become our home – it was bought as a holiday base but is now our permanent residence, could I possibly give a better testimonial (!), we have learnt to appreciate many of the key design features including the ability for guests essentially to have their own living space where they can enjoy their time here without always feeling that they are imposing on their hosts, the space and functionality of the main entertainment and living areas (this is a truly excellent house to entertain), and the adaptability of the service areas. And as for the outside, ask our dogs, they love the interconnectivity of the terraces to the gardens to the main living areas! The site as a whole has made the best use of the natural landscape and has protected the indigenous flora wherever possible – it is a very green environment in all aspects. Once completely finished (and I can only count the days until it is) - with its landscaped gardens, the centre-piece lake with its gazebo and lawns, the small river which wanders through the site and the views over Rawai and Chalong bays it will be a truly delightful environment. We are genuinely grateful to Bob Windsor and his team for their vision, their creativity and attention to detail and their willingness to allow us and the other owners, to develop beautifully designed homes in a beautiful location."

Steve & Kim

"I already had a villa in Surin but was looking to move to the southern part of Phuket and upgrade my home. Rawai Villas was a perfect choice of location which blends tranquil and beautiful scenery together with great ease of access to the more commercial areas, hospitals, schools and golf clubs was an immediate attraction to me. After sitting down with the management and explaining my requirements it was an easy decision to buy. I was very impressed with the developers hands on approach and attention to detail and I was even more impressed that the villa and finishing work also reflected the same attention to detail. The whole process was stress free and I would wholly recommend the developer and Rawai Villas to anyone with a discerning taste for quality."


"We bought Villa no.15 in Rawai Villas in early 2005. The house was partially complete, which gave us an excellent opportunity to examine the quality of the building process. The handover took place in December 2005 and we have been delighted with the result.

The standard of building is extremely high, far superior to many other projects we have visited. The management team is outstanding with a strong "hands on" approach and rapid response to any minor snags that inevitably occur after completion.

We are very pleased with our purchase."

Jimmy & Shirley